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Albi is the name of the Dorking District Network unit. It takes its name from the white squirrel of Dorking.

Albie was formed in 2012 to meet the ever-changing needs of young people after the Scout Association took the decision to modernise by restructuring the age ranges of the sections back in 2001. Network and Explorers were formed from the now disbanded Venture Scouts.

If you are 18 to 25 and still want to enjoy Scouting, without having the responsibly of being a leader, then Network is for you. If you want to achieve the Duke of Edinburgh Gold and Queen Scout awards then we are the people to help and support you. As a Albie Member you get to take part in all the usual great Scouting activities, such as climbing, sailing and camping as well as working on projects to support both the Scouting and local community.

If you choose you can become more closely involved in working with the younger sections and providing them with the same kind of opportunities you have had through Scouting.

After college some people go off to university, but why does your scouting have to stop at 18? Some universities also run a Scout and Guide organisation known as SSAGO (Student Scout and Guide Organisation). To find out more visit their website: