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23rd World Scout Jamboree

1 December 2013

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The World Scout Jamboree is a gathering of tens ofUK-Contingent-Logo_CMYK_small thousands of Scouts and Guides from almost every country in the world who, for ten days  live together, experience each other’s cultures, take part in exciting activities and have an amazing adventure. The Dorking District have been granted two places as part of the 3,500 strong UK Contingent, these have now both been filled with 2 Explorer Scouts from within our area.

The first World Scout Jamboree took place in London in 1920 and has continued since, always uniting Scouts and Guides with messages of peace and global understanding. The Jamboree is held every four years and gives Scouts from across the world the chance to join in an exciting programme of activities. In 2015 tens of thousands of Scouts will converge on Kirara-hama, Japan, the venue for the 23rd World Scout Jamboree.

The theme of this jamboree will be ‘Wa’ meaning harmony, unity, friendship and peace allowing a ‘spirit of unity’ to share others’ cultures and faiths, take part in adventurous activities and grow as global citizens to tackle world issues.

The Scouts Association of Japan is offering HoHo and the Mimasu Tokyo Experiences’ as well as a whole host of globally themed activities, some of the opportunities the scouts will have include the chance to travel to Hiroshima to learn about events of 1945 and the value and meaning of Hiroshima’s on-going peace programme.  For those who take part in a ‘HoHo experience’ they have the chance to live with Japanese families and see first-hand how they live, work and socialise. HoHo is the ultimate cultural crossover that also offers a great opportunity to understand other cultures and to make friends from around the world.

The Jamboree is a unique opportunity for Scouts from across the world to share in an exciting programme of activities; these include the Peace Programme, the Global Development Village, Exploring Nature, the Crossroads of Culture, the City Of Science, Community Services and Water Activities. Together, these fun and challenging activities add up to provide the experience of a lifetime.

Dorking Scouts are currently preparing for the jamboree, forming friendships, fundraising and preparing so that when they return home, they will have developed skills and knowledge to act as global citizens keen positively affect their local communities and demonstrating commitment to Scouting and creating a better world.

If you are a local business or member of the Dorking Community and would like to help with our fundraising efforts please contact Dr Julia Kielstra our district commissioner (Julia@dorking-scouts.org.uk) who will be able speak with you.

For all press enquires please contact Julia and Chris at media@dorking-scouts.org.uk