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Woodbadge Awarded in the District

24 September 2013

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During the now annual DORAC activity camp this Wood_Badge_&_WoggleSeptember which see’s Scouts and Explorers from all over the Dorking District come together, around the camp fire on the last night Nick Lord Scout Leader from 12th Dorking (Newdigate) received his woodbadge, which is the way the Scout association presents to a leader once they have  completed their leadership training. Last year alone 163 wood badges were earned over the Surrey Scout county and now we are pleased to congratulate Nick in his achievement, more details on the history of the woodbadge can be found below:

“On the morning of September 8, 1919, nineteen men dressed in short pants and knee socks, their shirt-sleeves rolled up, assembled by patrols for the first Scoutmasters’ training camp held at Gilwell Park in Epping Forest, outside London, England. The camp was designed and guided by Sir Robert Baden-Powell, a 61 year-old retired general of the British Army and the founder of the World Scouting Movement.

When they had finished their training together, Baden-Powell gave each man a simple wooden bead from a necklace he had found in a Zulu chieftain’s deserted hut when on campaign in South Africa in 1888. The Scoutmasters’ training course was a great success and continued to be held year-after-year. At the end of each course the wooden beads were used to recognize the completion of training. When the original beads ran out, new ones were whittled to maintain the tradition established by Baden-Powell. Because of these beads, the course came to be known as the Wood Badge Course. It continues to this day in England and around the world as the advanced training course for leaders in Scouting.”