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We’re on Social Media!

7 August 2013

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Over the last 5 years internet usebigstock-Social-Media-Sign-282922281 has become more available on peoples home computers, tablets and mobile phones. For Scouts it is important for a few key reasons. The popularity of sites such as Facebook, Twitter etc. amongst our young membership base has grown greatly – recent statistics show that 66% of teenagers are members on one or more of these sites.

More people look to the internet for news both locally and nationally, social networks such as Facebook and Twitter provide up to date and useful information. Interactive site such as Facebook provide a platform for updating parents and young people about an activity, event or trip – providing a free, extensible, and secure platform on which to post photos, updates, and information for those not on the trip to see.

Social media has no print or distribution costs and is a cheaper option than printed media. So therefore it allows us to keep down costs and put more money back into local scouting in Dorking.

On Facebook your can search for ‘Dorking District Scouts’ or copy this link www.facebook.com/pages/Dorking-District-Scouts/

And on Twitter search for ‘Dorking Scouts’ or type in @UKDorkingScouts