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New Scout Shop Dates Soon…

14 August 2013

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Come back soon to check out the new dates for the DistrictsScoutShopsLogo Scout shop for the coming year.

In stock we have all Section Leaders, Explorers, Scouts, Cubs, and Beavers sweatshirts, shirts trousers, belts, and badges.   We are able to get hold of all scouting equipment (i.e. scarves, flags, camping equipment, gifts, trophies) and lots more.

We stock as much as possible but an email to the address below whilst we are closed will make sure that we have your order in for when we re-open, should we not have what you need in stock, we will deliver your items to you or ensure we have them available by our next opening date.

We make sure all the profits go back in to the Dorking District and towards Scouting.

Feel free to contact me in advance by emailing me by clicking here or by ringing me on 07799  087  030.