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Scout Community Week 2013

17 May 2013

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Taking place from 3-9 June 2013, Scout Community Week not only gives us the opportunity to bond with the local community and raise essentials funds for local and national Scouting, but it’s a chance to promote and champion all the inspiring things we do during the other 51 weeks of the year.

By teaming up with B&Q, Groups have benefited from the resources and support offered by their local store. Whether it is fundraising in-store or help with skills and tools, B&Q has enabled many Groups to make their community projects a real success.

Scouting ambassador and TV presenter Julia Bradbury left a message explaining how Scout Community Week will raise vital funds for Scouts with disabilities.

By getting involved you’ll help us make sure that a disability never stops a young person or adult volunteer from joining the adventure.

All Groups taking part in Scout Community Week are asked to donate 25% of the money raised to help fund grants for Scouts and leaders with disabilities. This makes a big difference and provides funding for projects across the UK. The money raised can help in many ways:

• £28 could fund a carer for a child with cerebral palsy, making it possible for them to attend a Scouting event.

• £150 could fund training support for a Scout leader with a disability.

• £250 could pay for support for a Scout with a hearing impairment to attend a weekend camp.

Why Take Part?

  1. Support the community with an event that delivers real benefit to your local area, enabling young people to give something back.
  2. Fundraising is a vital part of Scout Community Week. Not only are you raising much-needed money for your Group, but also for a fund that supports young people who would not otherwise have access to Scouting.
  3. Promote the profile of Scouting in your area and nationally. This highlights the great work that we do
  4. Work with parents and the public helps to increase awareness of the need for adult volunteers
  5. Earn your Scout Community Week Certificate. Your project could also help you work towards a number of other badges.

Ask your your scouters leader what they are doing for more details!