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Peacelight Ceremony at Bentley Copse

13 October 2012

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The Peace Light is coming to The Surrey Scout  campsite, Bentley Copse again on the 20 December 2012 19:00 (please note, not the date as previously advertised), all who wish to attend will receive a warm welcome and the chance to take away flame for themselves for their communities and families.

The original Peace Light campaign was organised by the Austrian Broadcasting Authority as a great charitable relief mission for handicapped children and people in need, and in 1996 Scouts and Guides in the U.K. were invited to accept the light.

It will be taken to London for a special service where delegates from all over the U.K. take the light and distributed it throughout their regions. Each year since then the light has been distributed annually, even in the year 2000 in war torn Bethlehem, when a 12 year old Palestinian Scout took the light from the grotto, carried it over the border and handed it to two Israeli Scouts who took it to Tel Aviv, where it was flown to U.K. via Austria.

This year the light from Bethlehem will arrive at Bentley Copse, the Surrey Scout Campsite at Shere, on Thursday 20th December at 7.00 p.m. As always happens the flame will start its journey at the Grotto of Christ’s birth where a Muslim Scout passes the flame to a Jewish Scout, and then on to a Christian Scout for distribution around the world, so that people can burn the flame in their homes and churches over Christmas.

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